Times School of Journalism


The core faculty at TSJ consists of professionals – mainly senior journalists – who are working across Times Group brands like Times of India, Economic Times, ET Now, timesofindia.com, economictimes.com etc. Apart from ensuring relevant education being imparted by active journalists, students benefit vastly when during their internship period the very same teachers become their seniors/bosses at work.


Being part of India’s largest media house gives us immense strength by way of access to a wide pool of professionals within Times Group and Indian media and non-media companies. Dedicated faculty from prestigious institutions like Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, IIMs, IIFT, MICA, etc, are part of our regular visiting faculty. Similarly, media practitioners from organization like The Hindu, NDTV, The Telegraph, Outlook, Mint, PTI, Hindustan Times, Caravan, etc, take time out of their busy schedule to come and share their knowledge and experiences with our students.


Team: The TSJ program is administered by the Times of India Brand team with active support from editorial team of various Times of India Group media brands like TOI, ET, ETNOW, timesofindia.com, ZoOm, etc. The course curriculum and academic inputs are drawn up by senior editors of Times Group brands, who also are involved in imparting classroom and on-the-job training.




Jug Suraiya, Columnist & Former Edit Page Editor, Times of India

If you’re looking for a high-trajectory career in journalism you won’t find a better launching pad than TSJ. The countdown to take-off begins on Day One.



Prof.A.S.Narag, Faculty of Management Studies(FMS), University of Delhi

The Times Group has been offering a unique learning programme over the years which has carved a niche for itself.

Manoj Mitta, Former Sr. Editor, Times of India

Twenty five years into the profession, I still owe much of what I know about the craft of journalism to what I had learnt in this school.


Anshul Chaturvedi (Editor, Delhi Times)

The young people who come through the TSJ route have the unique advantage of having a front row seat to observe how the country's biggest media conglomerate connects to other young people, much like themselves, and how it thinks the way they do. It's no secret that practical work exposure counts for as much - if not more - than the classroom in a profession like this one; when you club tight, focused classroom learning with real work exposure with an organisation as big as the Times, you've got a big, big advantage over your contemporaries looking to crack their way into the competitive world of the media.


Sandipan Deb, Former Managing Editor, Outlook & Financial Express, Founder-Editor, Open

While the curriculum at TSJ covers all the important aspects of
journalism, the interactive teaching process encourages independent thinking and curiosity. Teaching these intelligent and eager students was a stimulating experience for me.

Novy Kapadia, Sports Columnist with The Telegraph, Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age and Associate Professor (English), Delhi University

TSJ is an ideal training school for young people aspiring to join the media. It has excellent facilities, a vigorous and thought-provoking curriculum, exposure to experts in various fields of journalism and ample exposure trips to newsworthy locations. Developing writing skills, improving reading habits, editing, page making and learning production, the students get exposed to all aspects of media work, which helps them in their careers. Attention is given to details and the environment in TSJ is very professional.

The diversity of the students, who come from various cities of India
also makes the class competitive and interesting to teach.


Prasad Sanyal, Editor, Zee Digital

When it comes to good journalism, there can never be too much of it. For the last three decades, the Times School of Journalism has provided a unique exposure to students with some of the best names in the business interacting with them. Many of the students have become successful media professionals and continue to excel in various niches within the fields of journalism and communications. I’ve been associated with TSJ for the past 2 years and the experience has been extremely rewarding.

Rajneesh Chowdhury, Vice-President, The PRactice Porter-Novelli

I am delighted to be associated with TSJ and see the students go through a rigorous blended learning program. TSJ’s approach in combining classroom learning, industry lectures and on-the-job-internships ensure that students graduate as well-rounded professionals when they complete their courses.

Ramesh Tahiliani, Faculty

Rapid fire and intelligent questions along with continuous interactivity that makes me think on my feet and brings out the best in both the student and the teacher is how I will describe my experience at Times School.

Neena Haridas, Former Editor, Marie Claire and HT City and Editor-in-Chief, L'OFFICIEL India

The best part of belonging to the '90s working class that is continuously in the throes of change is that we get to witness, and be part of this changing social, economic, and more importantly play a role in the psyche of a new generation that is growing before us. And the place to learn, grudgingly I accept, is a classroom. There are no surnames, religions, philosophies here. It is a tiny piece of India and young minds filled with fresh exciting ideas. 
That has been my most thrilling experience for me at the Times School of Journalism where I have been part of the faculty for over six years or so. With each year, I find new thought processes evolving among my students. No batch has ever been the same and no batch has ever been boring. 

Pro. A.K. Sengupta, Former Dean, IIFT

I have been associated with the School since inception. I have been teaching International Marketing and the students are extremely good and of high caliber. I enjoyed teaching them. This reflects the meticulous methodology applied by the School in selecting candidates. I also had the opportunity to meet some of the alma mater of the School who are occupying high positions in Times Group and elsewhere. They are extremely successful in their career with the inputs that they received from here.